Microwave Synthesis System

Features of Microwave Synthesis System:

  •  In temperature control made, microwave power realizes automatic variable frequency control with the change of preset temperature and time, heating rate can be accurately fed back and adjusted, and non-pulse continuous microwave heating mode is adopted;
  •  unique safe mode of fixed microwave power and time control is favorable for establishing microwave efficacy evaluation system;
  •  Immersed ultrasonic working probe has continuously adjust and instable ultrasonic power and self-check and alarm function;
  •  It's convenient to randomly combine or separately use microwave, ultrasonic wave and ultraviolet irradiation via an individualized system work platform;
  •  Vivid on-site camera and TFT LCD display to closely monitor the reaction process.
  •  Mechanical mixing and magnetic mixing are adopted, and the mixing speed is adjustable and displayed in real time;
  •  The product is equipped with consideration, reflux, fluid replacement, inert gas protection interfaces, etc.
  •  Computer connection software may be configured for bidirectional control, real-time display and record of reaction parameters and reaction temperature change curve, infinite save of experimental schemes;
  •  The process and status of reaction in a container can be observed and recorded in real time according to the TFT color liquid crystal display of instant camera system.
  • Tasks and applications

    • Synthesis of nanometer materials.
    •  Organic auxiliary synthesis.
    •  Energy resources and chemical industry.
    •  Extraction of natural products.
    •  Biopharmaceutical industry ad medicine in- termediate development.
    •  Sewage treatment.
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